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Girl.19. 5'7''.Binge eating problems
Starting date: 03.01.2012
Starting Weight: +-245lbs
Achievements + Goals:
220lbs= Under 100kg - DONE
UNDER 200 lbs - DONE
175. = UNDER 80kg
Doing it the healthy way =
healthy eating + working out
Step by step!!
 started/starting a new healthier life <3 LilySlim Weight loss tickers
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Sleepy, weirdly sitting pug sitting in front of my fridge
Always guarding the food supply and always following me in the kitchen … Just in case there will be treats

some photos of the family easter weekend :)

yup you guessed correct, my fam is dog loving

Sleepy as much as I am &#8230; But it&#8217;s still 4pm

Sleepy as much as I am … But it’s still 4pm

Well aint he beautiful &#8230;

Well aint he beautiful …


(because I learned how to make gifs, while I must have been studying)

I guess he didn&#8217;t like the relaxing nature sounds app lol

I guess he didn’t like the relaxing nature sounds app lol

Some photos from yesterday

My pug is a cute and shiny soul eater…. aaand very handsome while he’s running c:


Anyways, good morning peeps :) I woke up with a sore throat and I really really hope that I won’t be getting really sick. Because it’s vacation time and the weather is amazing for being outside all day long…..I think I shouldn’t have eaten that much icecream yesterday :D 

I wish you all a great day 

xxx teddy

The weather is good today so I let the dogs out. Here are some pictures :)

The pug is 1 year old and the black&white dog is around 5. Love them so much <3