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Starting Weight: +-245lbs
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220lbs= Under 100kg - DONE
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175. = UNDER 80kg
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healthy eating + working out
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A day well spent :))
  • woke up quite on time and had healthy breakfast, coffee and later lunch
  • went to my internship and my boss actually asked me if i have enough time to help him with real job assignments … which is so coool :)) out of 8 interns he asked me… that is quite a compliment and it gives me hope for future job possibility, if he is satisfied with my work
  • after internship me and my friends went to the bowling tournament. We were among  the best 5 teams ignore the fact that we were the 5th team out of the best 5 teamsand please ignore the fact that there were only 5 teams in the tournament :D doesn’t matter, had fun (andd a free game) and we were the only female team, and there were some good looking boys out there :))
Today started like if it’s going to be the worst day of the week


  • They woke me up 1 hour before my alarm so I was kind of angry
  • I ate an amazing healthy breakfast (3 eggs with spinach and feta)
  • But then I had a little binge (it wasn’t so little actually… but I’ve had them way worse) on some things my mom baked
  • After that binge I was so unmotivated to go to the gym and I felt so bad, that I decided to skip gym today
  • I spent like 3 hours doing nothing and just kept on eating sh*t


  • Then suddenly I decided that I’ll really regret today, if I keep on doing noting so I took a quick refreshing shower and headed to the gym 
  • And of course everything changed as soon as I started my warm up
  • My PT cheered me up. He doesn’t really judge me on my bad days
  • I met some nice people, who I usually see at the gym. And their positive attitude really boosted my mood
  • One of them noticed that I have lost weight and gave me a compliment
  • I did everything on my workout
  • I ran a little bit on the treadmill for the first time (I was always scared to run there :D But it turned out to be not as bad as expected and I didn’t fell off)
  • When I came back I decided to do my measurements again and the results were WOW:
  • I’ve lost 1cm from my waist
  • I’ve lost 1cm from my wings (biceps, upperarm or however it’s called :D)
  • I’ve lost 1cm from my thighs 
  • I’ve lost 5cm from my belly (around the navel) 
  • AND I have lost around 5-6cm from my hips (butt) 

The last one, tho… If sb ever again tries to even suggest me not to squat, they would be damned

Note to self: Remember that you can always go from having a really crappy day to jumping around from happiness, if you just have the right attitude and discipline. 

On days when I’m too lazy to workout my PT always tells me “Appetite comes with eating”. And it’s true. Every time i’m “not in the mood” to workout or just finding excuses not to, but I do it anyway, as I start my workout I realize that this is what my body and mind really need and crave. 

xox teddy

goood morningg :)

happy weekend ;)

today the weather is soo nice

i started my day with a nice healthy breakfast… buuut then i couldn;t resist something that my mom baked .. aand i’m not sure if i have any regrets now or not :D i mean, i definitely shouldn’t have eaten so much, but in such a beautiful day I can’t allow such a minor thing to ruin my mood :))

so yeah. i’ll try to keep it healthy until the end of the day…

and also, i feel like I need a rest today, so i’m kinda lazy to go to the gym, but we’ll see 

Have a great day xoxo and don’t allow minor problems to ruin it 


reaction after my presentation today:

even the teacher was like:

and i’m sitting there like


i mean, of course i am exaggerating but i almost didn’t read from my papers, i tried to keep eye contact with the public… but it came out so good because i only talked about things that were of the main importance and I also didn’t say things that I don’t understand, like ppl usually do. so the teacher just couldn;t ask me a question I couldn’t answer (he tried,he really did try to make up some hard questions lol) 

so in the end he said it’s the best presentation so far :)) soo i had a happy day ^^

hope u had one too

you know that feeling when u are soo sleepy that you’re actually not going to bed only because it’s too much effort to put on your pajamas and actually lay in bed…….

good night, loves

i’m gonna make that last effort

oxoxo Teddy

"I don’t have time" - the biggest lie I have been telling myself

The good thing is that it is NEVER too late to stop lying to yourself and change your way of thinking!

I’ve realized that lately, not only am I doing triple the amount of stuff i used to do before I changed my mindset, but I even have enough free time left. 

It’s all about discipline, good habits, better time management and motivation :))

Strive for the change!

Good morning! :)

You should all wish me luck on the exam today… although i didn’t prepare for it as much as i should have… but i believe in miracles :D

Yesterday’s session at the gym was great. I finally realized that I have been doing some basic mistakes during the before and after stretching so I tried to do it properly yesterday and it felt so much better. ^^

 So remember guys, don’t hurt or put too much pressure on your back while stretching, keep it straight

xoxo have a nice day


Gooood morning :)))

I’ve been on a roll since the last month.. every time i wake up I feel like if it is going to be a happy day ^^ (cuz i’m gonna try my best at making my day wonderful)

But this morning, especially, started hilariously! :D My alarm went off at 7am, 7:15am and 7:30am … and usually i wake up the second time, but today i felt soo sleepy that i couldn’t even lift my head up… then i decided to skip school, and at 9am i wake up again, BUT i was feelin the same way -SLEEEEPY- again, so i  reazlized that probably there is some problem wit my phone. I CHECKED THE CLOCK ON MY COMPUTER AND IT SAID 6:30AM :D so right now it is 7:30AM, i already have eaten, drank coffee and now i’m listenin to some music and preparing for lectures.. and i won’t b late :))

haha i found that hillarious, because at some point beforee the realization hit me i send my friend a message “Sorry, i slept in, i won’t b coming today” and she replied with “Teddy,u crazy? it’s 6:25am” … :D

Have a great day, sunshinees! xoxo