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Girl.19. 5'7''.Binge eating problems
Starting date: 03.01.2012
Starting Weight: +-245lbs
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220lbs= Under 100kg - DONE
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175. = UNDER 80kg
Doing it the healthy way =
healthy eating + working out
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You're beautiful just the way you are
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Goodnight all :)
Today was a good day.
Plan for tomorrow:
Wake up at 7:20 
Lectures from 9:15 till 13 
Gym from 15 till 17 
If i manage to finish my presentation for thursday then i’ll attend the language cafe event at 19h that my sister’s ngo is organizing. It’s quite fun there - you get to practise the languages you know , while enjoying a nice cup of coffee (or any other drink)

lol yesterday I spent like 1/5 from my last savings from my scholarship for groceries

only to find out today when i got back from the gym that my mom decided to use them to cook… and she didn’t even prepare something decent…. it’s my groceries, bought with my own money, woman!!!

on top of that, yesterday I planned and prepared my lunch for today (because i usually don’t have time to prepare something) but today i only found half of it… wasn’t eaten by me, that’s for sure…

however, my parents just went grocery shopping so I made them a list of things to buy and I hope they do

the ups and downs of living with others

I feel the most beautiful when I surround myself with beautiful people.

And by beautiful I mean not outside beauty (because in my eyes everybody is beautiful from the outside) but beautiful from the inside. You are really blessed if you’ve found such people to surround yourself with. 

almost lost control over myself today…

came back home when my brother told me that my laptop, will be reapired in 2-3 weeks… and when i realized that in 2-3 weeks i should be ready with all my course works, all my materials from lectures are mainly online and i have work to do online and i have documents to get prepared online and basicaly everything i need to do on my laptop… i almost lost it… i  started thrwoing sh*t around the house, i almost started shouting and crying…i was close to eating my emotions or breaking things..

i managed to focuse my rage in cleaning and cooking… thanks god my room always needs cleaning and i just bought new groceries so i could prepare something decent for my meal…. after i finished cleaning and cooking, while cursing the world and my sister, who broke my laptop, i realized that i’ve overeacted a little bit…

i mean i can use my mom’s pc.. which is hella sh*tty- it shuts down if I open more than 1 word file and 2 tabs on the browser… and it will take me tripple the amount of time to finish my work… for 3 f*ckin weeks… but sh*t…

whatever… probably life just decided to level up for me

so bring it on

My friend on the right posted this picture last night on facebook. Reminding us of the great time we had on Baltic sea in September. It’s amazing how those people changed me. On this picture we only know eachother for like 2-3 weeks, and we were already so close. i’m in the middle, my roommate is on my right.

Going to study in a foreign country for 5 months changed everything for me. It was the very first time I felt like I fit somewhere. I met so many open minded people. I have never felt so accepted before. I realized that no matter how different you are (is it your skin, language, accent, body,hair, education, religion, gender, sexual orientation or whatever) you can always be accepted. The person on the other side will just see you as another person. No mather what characteristics you’ve got, it’s on the inside what counts. And everybody is perfect just the way they are, no matter the differences between us. 

The second picture is my favourite of all time. My playfull roomate wanted to make a funny picture. This is just a little part of the nice people and friends I met during that semester. There were 400 people from like 20+ different countries and they were all so nice, i never felt left out or uncomfortable around them. 

i have always had this social problem, being too shy, thinking that i just don’t belong to places and groups of ppl, never enjoying myself on parties ot gatherings. This experience was life changing for me. Although it’s still hard, I manage to (in most cases) no longer feel out of place, so that I can enjoy myself better. 

I have hardly never liked myself on pictures before. But i guess it was pecause of my attitude. I always felt like i shouldn’t belong to the group photos, just because i don’t feel like i belong to the group. And that is why I always looked awkward on photos with friends.

But this group of people I adored. They made me feel like part of the group. I mean, look at my happy face on picture 2. I have never enjoyed myself more and felt more comfortable with myself. I’m really thankfl for the opportunity to meet those people. I hope that in the near future we will meet again.

over 60lbs down and also my hair decided to curl lol

over 60lbs down and also my hair decided to curl lol

no gym today because of good cake and a good friend


Spent some quality time with a friend I haven’t seen in a while :) and we ate caakkeeeee. The original plan was to eat pancakes, but then we saw the most delicious looking white cake and couldn’t resist :D


First time I regret motivating sb to hit the gym with me

So on thursday I suggested my best friend to come to the gym with me, because i was bored :

*she didn’t stop complaining about :

  • too many ppl at the gym (for real, there were only 4 other ppl and the gym is HUGE)
  • ppl were looking at her (she didn’t stop staring at them, thats why sometimes they looked back)
  • a machine is busy (oh, you couldn’t wait a minute)
  • ppl are sitting doing nothing (it’s called taking a break, hello)

*she also is one of those ppl who have no idea what is a set and that u should take a lil break between sets. For example: instead of choosing an appropriete weight at the machines or whatever, she decided to do 40-50 reps per set..with like 10sec break the most…. which i find pointless

*when i tried to show her how to do something properly, she just said well i can’t that way, i’m gonna fall, i’m gonna loose my balance etc. and she kept on doing it the wrong way which is in some cases dangerous

BUT overall it was ok, i guess

and becausee thursday was my weight in day, she also weighted in at the gym

and everything was cool…not until sathurday when she decided to come again

 so same complaints and sh*t during the workout

but the thing that make me regret suggesting her to join me was when she decided to weight herself again (just a day apart)… and the scale showed her that she have “GAINED” 100grams….. and she then decided to not eat anything more that day because, in her words, “she HAVE GAINED WEIGHT” 

so no matter how hard i tried to explain to her what is going on./ she decided to starve for the day because the scale said she gained 100 grams………

i was mad