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Girl.19. 5'7''.Binge eating problems
Starting date: 03.01.2012
Starting Weight: +-245lbs
Achievements + Goals:
220lbs= Under 100kg - DONE
UNDER 200 lbs - DONE
175. = UNDER 80kg
Doing it the healthy way =
healthy eating + working out
Step by step!!
 started/starting a new healthier life <3 LilySlim Weight loss tickers
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it’s 8:40am

just hopped out of the shower


need to go out in 40min

but there is still coffee in my cup so i can’t get ready before finishing it lol :D

lol facebook addction, lol insecurities, lol daily topic
  • Best friend: I'm gonna get sad
  • Me: well don't
  • Best friend: well fuck.. is my new profile picture THAT ugly?
  • Me: Why?
  • Best friend: i don't have any likes :d
  • Best friend: hahahhaha
  • Best friend: xD
  • Me: well you change your profile picture every day, and they are all the same, what likes do you want?
  • Me: (i liked and commend with thumbs up on the pic) here have my likes - 2 of them
  • Best friend: ...
  • Best friend: whatever
  • Me: what? i tell you, they are cool, you are pretty, but they are all the same, it's not even noticable that you changed it (truth)
  • Best friend: yeah right
  • Best friend: who cares for me anyways
  • Me: well yeah, exactly. what is the point in liking a picture? it's like liking one of those "press like and you're gonna save an african child from starving" photos
  • Me: you are taking it too seriously, that facebook stuff
  • Me: don't think about stuff like that, who likes it liked it, who saw it saw it.. you are pretty
  • Best friend: yeah sure, i see how "pretty" I am...
  • Me: Offff. ok fine (trying to close the fight)
  • Best friend: nobody likes a thing
  • Best friend: nobody asks me how am I
  • Best friend: ...
  • Me: Oh wait a second now... don't you always say how you hate everybody and you don't like them
  • Me: Who exactly whould you want to ask you? or care for you then?
  • Best friend: I talk about the people who are supposed to be my "friends"
  • Me: Besides me, who else? Did you start a conversation with any of those people lately? In order to recieve you need to give...
  • Best friend: I hate being the one to open a conversation
  • Me: well maybe they hate it too
  • *****************
  • lol seriously? how to deal with that? i think now she is properly mad at me... it's not that i care but... how to help her start living in the real world.. .she foesn't have any friends besides me.. she hates everybodyy... even dogs... like for real.. she has so much hate... and she also hates herself (her body and weight) and she is living an alone and miserable life, turning around school, losing weight and facebook...

can’t stop eating today

nom nom nom nom nom and everything is so tastyy

Did some calculations….

and there is a chance that I can get right under 80kgs, just before I start my summer job in greece (middle of may) :)

It ain’t a goal, tho… Because I don’t set goals including my weight anymore. 

Anyways, If it happens, I’d be quite amazed, because I think in the last 6 years I haven’t been under 80kgs 

sometimes all i need is somebody to believe in me

Goodnight all :)
Today was a good day.
Plan for tomorrow:
Wake up at 7:20 
Lectures from 9:15 till 13 
Gym from 15 till 17 
If i manage to finish my presentation for thursday then i’ll attend the language cafe event at 19h that my sister’s ngo is organizing. It’s quite fun there - you get to practise the languages you know , while enjoying a nice cup of coffee (or any other drink)

lol yesterday I spent like 1/5 from my last savings from my scholarship for groceries

only to find out today when i got back from the gym that my mom decided to use them to cook… and she didn’t even prepare something decent…. it’s my groceries, bought with my own money, woman!!!

on top of that, yesterday I planned and prepared my lunch for today (because i usually don’t have time to prepare something) but today i only found half of it… wasn’t eaten by me, that’s for sure…

however, my parents just went grocery shopping so I made them a list of things to buy and I hope they do

the ups and downs of living with others

I feel the most beautiful when I surround myself with beautiful people.

And by beautiful I mean not outside beauty (because in my eyes everybody is beautiful from the outside) but beautiful from the inside. You are really blessed if you’ve found such people to surround yourself with.