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Girl.19. 5'7''.Binge eating problems
Starting date: 03.01.2012
Starting Weight: +-245lbs
Achievements + Goals:
220lbs= Under 100kg - DONE
UNDER 200 lbs - DONE
175. = UNDER 80kg
Doing it the healthy way =
healthy eating + working out
Step by step!!
 started/starting a new healthier life <3 LilySlim Weight loss tickers
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Went to the gym between work shifts today. No more than 15-20 min heavy lifting and 10 min really light cardio (on the bike while chatting on fb lol )
Gotta try to do that when i have such shifts :))

First summer in 5+ years that i have the balls and confidence to wear dresses, shorts and tank tops.
Btw the scales are showing 81-82kg with shoes and clothes on. Wut wut happyyy

I have gone a long way… enjoying myself in my first shorts ever ;) and also wearing tank tops outside of the house….. shorts and tank tops are a big step up,

eeeeee and I also stepped on the scales and it said 81,7kg WHICH IS GOOOOD. I hope it is true, because it means I haven’t gained anything since I am here. One month in greece, working but not working out 


boys cry
girls masturbate
boys can like pink and not be gay
girls can have short hair and not be a lesbian
boys can like ballet
girls can like video games
boys can be hot without a six pack
girls can be hot without a hairless body
boys can have hair down to their waists
girls can have stretch marks, curves and back fat

gender doesn’t determine what you can and cannot enjoy, what you can and cannot look like or what you can and cannot do

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