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Girl.19. 5'7''.Binge eating problems
Starting date: 03.01.2012
Starting Weight: +-245lbs
Achievements + Goals:
220lbs= Under 100kg - DONE
UNDER 200 lbs - DONE
175. = UNDER 80kg
Doing it the healthy way =
healthy eating + working out
Step by step!!
 started/starting a new healthier life <3 LilySlim Weight loss tickers
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The person you’re meant to be with, will never have to be chased, begged or given an ultimatum.
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This weekend is gonna be hard

Dudeee easter weekend family gathering

The scale says i’ve eaten 2 kilos worth of food lol :D no regerts, i love my grandma’s cooking and i wont miss such a chance

i finally added bench presses in my workout

and my PT was amazed by my enthusiasm…. he was expecting me to start whining again (like most of his female customers do it when it comes to exerises like that), but I was actually really pumped up to try it

today’s workout at the gym was AMAZING!



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