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Girl.19. 5'7''.Binge eating problems
Starting date: 03.01.2012
Starting Weight: +-245lbs
Achievements + Goals:
220lbs= Under 100kg - DONE
UNDER 200 lbs - DONE
175. = UNDER 80kg
Doing it the healthy way =
healthy eating + working out
Step by step!!
 started/starting a new healthier life <3 LilySlim Weight loss tickers
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my blog is great but have u seen my ass
No money are worth your self respect…

It sucks to see my co-workers and friends to be mentally abused by our boss… He constantly calls them stupid, worthless, animals, idiots.., yesterday he kept asking my roommate if she is mentaly sick…
The thing is that we are all students, working abroad and nobody wants to loose the money they invested coming here if they quit… But if there is a day i start fetting threated like that… I will be on my way to home and i will make sure to write a complaint and press charges… One boy even got pushed from my boss yesterday

and with those eyes, you could have set the sky on fire, but you chose to burn me instead.
—a 19 word story??? oh woW (via extrasad)

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Yoga for the splits !

A non-exhaustive list of poses for hips and hamstrings.

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Last time i wore bikini on the beach was maybe 10 years ago.

Last time i wore bikini on the beach was maybe 10 years ago.

Jobs fill your pocket. Adventures fill your soul.
—Jaime Lyn Beatty (via elige)

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How amazing it is to find someone who wants to hear about all the things that go on in your head.
—Nina LaCour, Hold Still  (via californiagirlwearingpearls)

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